oh eight

new blog, just felt the need for a clean slate.  out with the old, blah blah

setting: saturday night, slight buzz from very cheap wine.10:00 pm, in bed, on laptop.

on the pod: random, now it’s waits on wmms “warm beer, cold women”

tried playing axis and allies, sat through everyone’s moves and quit before it was my turn.  tom came on the ipod and i felt the need to surrender my little plastic men, log  on and listen. 

perhaps it’s the complaint of an old woman but, the value of a decade is declining:

 they come cheaper and quicker.  My children are as many years away from college as I am,  and here i sit, same hair, same heart, same questions, different woman.  it goes faster, the farther you go, doesn’t it? funny, is all. fast and funny. *shrug*

i’m letting it happen and i’m not sure how to stop it.  I have one of those typically American jobs that require more than one can possibly do in a day, rushing, not eating lunch, not taking a break, staying late.  I never really wanted that.  isn’t me. i don’t like surrendering my headspace to my profession on my off time. I like my work, i just am not willing to live it.

to do, oh eight:

eat more fruits and veggies

enjoy the little people more

lower my voice

say “aye” instead of “yeah”


laugh and sweat daily



i had a whole plan of something to write when i came up here, the third glass of wine kicked in and suddenly the words are heavier and slower.  i think i’m gonna log off. lay back and listen…there we go, like slipping into a warm bath.

happy new year

we’ll take a cup of kindess yet for auld lang syne.

Just do this for me: log onto itunes, type in “The story” by brandi carlile, purchase the song “The story” and listen to it. spend the 99 cents and listen.  hurts so good.  hell buy everyting by her, pour a drink and have a night of it. listening to her makes you miss being a mess.

~ by hairmonster on January 6, 2008.

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