Race for the cure for the race

I muttered, “damn straight” from the kitchen counter as i put my cream in my coffee Sunday morning.  ‘Meet the Press’ was on in the background and General Wesley Clark (my personal pick for veep) had just mentioned something about how flying a fighter plane did not automatically make someone qualified for the presidency. 

That Anderson Cooper was talking about this when I turned on the TV on Monday night completely baffled me.  They’re spending 20 minutes on this one sentence? Was it a slow news day?  Wondering  If I was missing something and not getting why this was a big deal,  I watched the “news” for a good 45 minutes.  The spitting and cussing and “I don’t believe this shit”s came swiftly.  Like a boat, I’d say my disgust came like a swift little boat. There was the Clark “story” and some shit about flag pins…and I waited…and i waited some more.  In all this election “coverage” was there one mention of Obama or McCain’s policies?  Anybody ask any experts about the impact of offshore drilling on gas prices (ahem..cough*none*cough) Econmic plans? Anything that would inform anyone about anything remotely related to, Oh, I dunno, RUNNING THE FUCKING COUNTRY?

No it was bullshit flag pins, patriotic tripe and the “scandalous” Clark remarks. No one was covering the election, they were all too busy watching the race and gaping like yokels at the barkers in front of the sideshow.  “Step right up and take a look at this scandal, Obama didn’t put his hand on his heart ,Watch this amazing clip ladies, gentlemen and kids of all ages..  Don’t pay any attention to the policies behind that curtain, here’s James Carville arguing with Bennett, step right up and pay a penny for the cockfight. Here’s a Poll.  step right up..”

 Side note: Carville is slowly morphing into Voldemort.

This is how the ignorant remain that way and how idiots get elected by them.  This is how an enthusiastic yell can ruin a primary race.   This is how we got 8 years of The Moron.  This is one of the reasons we suck. 

  The ability to read out loud does not automatically qualify someone to be a journalist same goes for fighter jets and the presidency. Get me outta here.


~ by hairmonster on July 3, 2008.

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