the FUN in Funk.


some shit out there is going retrograde

My fridge broke, I have dental work and an ob/gyn visit in the same week.

my kid’s sick

Shit’s hitting fans all around me

My work got a licensing inspection

i stood in line for an hour today so that i could become a bleedin’ soccer mom. i’m a soccer mom. i will be driving little people to soccer  practice in my goddam minivan. my minivan with a broken tail light. (see below)

I killed my mother’s car by backing into it.  they should not have given me a license.  the woman came over to do me a favor and i hit her fucking car.  killed the thing.  this week sucks.

Every February I hate my job.  It’s because of the winter.  Every February I comb the want ads looking for greener grass. so now i hate my job and i want to tell everyone to go away and lee’me ‘lone.  Managing people puts a tart new spin on S.A.D. A little SAD with a shot of vitriol on the side, please. 

fuckers.  grumble.

 i heart february.


~ by hairmonster on February 3, 2008.

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